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I had the pleasure of going to All American Male with the girls for my bachelorette party. Let me just say that was one of the best nights I have ever had in my life. The guys there are absolutely beautiful!! Including yourself.. When you got up on stage... WOW it blew me away. I just wanted to thank you guys for making my experience at All American Male an exciting one... We'll be back for my Maid of Honors 21st birthday party...
Christine, Becky, Jenn, Tracey, Lindsey and Debbie
From Mass..

Hey Jessie,
I came to see all of you on Sat at Float, God what a night! You guys really put on a nice show, I'll be back with my other friends in a few weeks! My girlfriend one of the bachelorettes loved her HOT SEAT! In fact we all thought the drunk girl who fell off the stage at the end of the night was pretty damn funny and made the night even better! Well, just wanted you to know how great we all though it was and getting the VIP seats was a good choice thanks for the help on that!
- J

Dear Jessie,
I just wanted to thank you and your staff, the guys treated me and my friends like royal princess. Rick's Opening was the talk of the night girls at the club were talking on how it was a great act, he is a pure sweetheart, on the other hand your show was out of the world I loved every dance step, your moves , your poses are great. well Jessie you and your crew are just I told all my friends to come on Saturday to see the show, I have my sister flying in from Seattle to see you and the guys.

Thank you.
My friends and I had a truly wonderful time and all your employees were respectful gentlemen. I look forward to attending another show real soon with some friends again. Keep up the good work.
- Miss Yamithsou Balan

Dear Jesse,
My friends and I went to the show at the club Float last Saturday for my bachlorette party. It was the best night of my life! Everyone, especially a specific massage guy -- treated me like royalty, if I wasn't getting married I would be in love! The guys were so attentive and incredibly sexy! I have been to Chippendale's and Escapes but your show blows them out of the water, we sat in the second VIP table to the right of the stage, we had awesome service by the waiters and the rest of your staff, I would tell everyone those seats were worth the extra money!! We will definitely see you again for my friend's birthday in January! Thanks again for making my bachlorette night UNFORGETTABLE!!
- Lelia

Hey Jessie,
Well, once again you and the rest of the guys have outdone yourselves. The girls and I had a great time Saturday night. Ricky's opening # is outstanding! He is simply irresistible the perfect way to start off a great night. As for Mike his moves have women's mouths dropping fast and furiously throughout the club. He never ceases to amaze me and gets a standing ovation every time. Tommy was looking as fine as ever and as for the massage boys (boy toys that is) ......well people should just show-up and see because words don't do them justice. My girl's favorites are Rob, Jimmy and Olaf. Once again we need to see more of them on the stage and I KNOW you understand what I mean by that. And as for you....Well what can I say, your sexy suit and erotic voice draw us in and seal the package.
'Till next time!

Dear Jessie,
I wanted to thank you for making my friend Jodi's bachelorette party a success! At the end of the night the bride quoted "Jonathan made the night"! He showed up in a police uniform and gave her a citation when he first walked in; that's when she knew she was in trouble. She was surprised, embarrassed but of all things she was smiling and having a great time! By the time he left every single girl at the party had a huge smile on their face and it made a great beginning for an adventurous night to come.
Please Tell Jonathan we thank him for taking the trip out to see us and we plan on calling for him in the future.
Thank you,

(Valevtine's Day)
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed ur performance. I'm glad my friends and I decided to see the All American Male Revue that night. It was my first time to go to a strip show and we were very satisfied. I will definitely be coming again. Keep up the GOOD work!

On behalf of our small group that attended tonight's show, September 7th at Remy Lounge I would like to thank you for the awesome show, great atmosphere, hot guys and of course your hospitality. I had spoken to you on the phone and relayed a story of how rude we were treated by another male revue company, and I am glad we came upon your website.
Our table was in an awesome spot, the picture came out great, and the guys were incredible. The waiter was great, very courteous and on point with our drink orders, the Mc's were funny, and the dancers were well, awesome. We had our favorites......=0)~ but everyone rocked. No complaints from this Jersey group.
We will be visiting again next summer....for another bachelorette party!! Once again thank you for taking care of us, when others wouldn't.
Jen (bachelorette)

Hey Jessie,
My name is Laura and I was at the show on Friday night at Abyss. That was my first night going to a male revue and I have to say I had an awesome time! I always told myself I'd go to one of them when I turned 18 but that never happened. I'm so glad I experienced it with my sorority sisters that night and you were there to make it just a little bit better!! I checked out the website and think it's great! Since I live at the beach, I love the beach photos! I'll definately recomment you guys to anyone I know planning parties! Thankx for a memorable night!
~ Laura

All-American Male Revue has to be just about the hottest show for us girls in the world! Besides being great dancers these guys actually have personalities and like to hang out and talk. Nothing like hot men with brains - I'll keep seeing these guys as long as they keep doing shows...

Hot hot hot-my girlfriend had a private party with one of these babes and then we went to see them at Club Emanon the next week. I went with her and couldn't believe there could be so many gorgeous men in the same place! a dozen shows later I still can't believe these guys! Jessy, Franky, Alex-love ya-keep up the hot moves-you guys are the best!!!
Grace,yonkers NY

Holy Moly these guys should be on baywatch for women!!! The All-American Dream team is a class act of guys and I have seen alot of male stripper shows. This week my best friend is having her bridalshower at one of their clubs and I know the night will be the same as it always is with these guys-wild, crazy and a whole lotta man!!
Diane, Sayreville NJ

I had the pleasure of seeing Jessie perform at La Barre and since then have seen the guys dance many times. These shows are on a much bigger scale then any male revue show I have ever seen before, when they dance it's mass hysteria that's like something out of a movie. If you haven't seen All-American Male I recommend you do so. It's definitely an experience you won't forget.
Sadie, Fort Lauderdale Florida

These guys are the best of the best-Finally a male revue with longhaired guys-they were getting extinct. I just wanted to say great job guys:you rock my world!!
Brendita, New England

Jessie is the best dancer in the world and his beautiful blonde hair is magnificent! Love ya honey!! See ya at the holiday inn on Saturday-can't wait!!
Jacky, Manapolin NJ

Hey Jessie,
I went to the male review at abyss last friday, April 19th I believe it was. anyway, I know you probably get a million of these, but I just had to tell you that I think you are absolutely gorgeous. I saw you come in before I even knew that you were one of the guys and I thought you were beautiful. I just wanted you to know that. I had to tell you myself but I don't know if I'm ever gonna see you at one of the male reviews again. I also thought that you put on one hell of a show. I thought you were the best performer. It was nice seeing you and I hope to see you at another show. ~Erin

The Locations

For years All American Male has been providing the ultimate in upscale ladies entertainment every weekend at Float Night Club. Since the Float Night Club is closed, we have opened our own Male Strip Club in the heart of New York City's hic Chelsea district.


Tickets to the "All American Male Strip Club" include admission for your entire party to one of NYC's hottest Strip Clubs. Featuring 4 levels with 4 different styles of music: Top 40, R&B, Hip-Hop and Salsa - All for one price!